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The Rail Workers Hazardous Materials Training Program will conduct the following hazardous materials transportation/chemical emergency response training programs at the National Labor College George Meany Campus in Silver Spring, Maryland.
The Rail Workers Hazardous Materials Training Program prides itself on delivering the most valuable worker safety training available. Peer Instructors are members of the railroad labor community and take pride in offering the latest and most up-to-date information, teaching techniques and peer support.
The US Department of Energy (DOE) has shipped large amounts and a variety of
radioactive material by rail for years. The number of rail shipments is expected to
increase in coming years. With the increase in rail shipments comes the increased risk for
rail incidents involving radioactive material.
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01/05/2005 2004 Rail Workers' Hazardous Materials Training / Registration Forms
  02/06/2004 Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Scores sweeping Victory at CP Rail
02/25/2004 Rail Workers' HAZMAT Training Adds 4 more Programs to Schedule
  03/09/2004 NTSB Determines Probable Cause of Derailment: Ineffective Inspection and Maintenance
03/31/2004 Asbestos Bill (S1125) Alert for all BMWE Officers and Legislative Directors
  04/02/2004 United HealthCare Announces Administrative Changes & Improved Service
04/02/2004 Railroad Employees and/or Dependants Open Enrollment
  04/12/2004 BMWE President M.A.Fleming Announces Retirement
04/14/2004 Officer's Notice: BMWE President Fleming Retires
  04/16/2004 BMWE Welcomes New Members: VAE Nortrack
04/17/2004 News Release: President of Rail Labor Union Retires
  04/22/2004 Worker's Memorial Day: Message from BMWE President
04/29/2004 FRA Responds to BMWE Petition: Issues Safety Advisory
  05/01/2004 BMWE Canadian Legislative Directors Support Merger
05/01/2004 FRA Administrator Leaves Post
  05/18/2004 BMWE Annual Scholarship Notice : Application & Procedures
06/09/2004 Canadian Pacific Maintenance of Way Employees join Teamsters
  06/09/2004 CIRB Certifies Teamsters Canada Rail Conference
06/29/2004 Funding Approved for MOW Fatigue Study
  07/06/2004 Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney: Kerry-Edwards
07/06/2004 Kerry - Edwards: A New Team for a New America
  07/14/2004 Who's on the Side of Transportation Workers?
07/23/2004 Protect Your Vote!
  08/02/2004 Exporting U.S. Jobs Not Good For America!
08/04/2004 BMWE & DOL Settle Convention Election Case
  08/09/2004 Video and Highlights of Proposed BMWE/IBT Merger Sent to Members
08/12/2004 2004-2005 HAZMAT Training Scheduled
  08/23/2004 BMWE Grand Lodge Officers Approve Sending Merger Agreement Out for Ratification
08/23/2004 BMWE Membership Letter RE:Merger
  08/27/2004 BMWE: Setting the Record Straight
08/30/2004 BLET President's Statement on the BMWE/IBT Merger Vote
  08/27/2004 NCFO President's Statement on RRB Assets
09/03/2004 IBT President Hoffa Guarantees Full Resources
  09/10/2004 The Big Lie About Railroad Retirement
09/16/2004 Simpson and Geller Elected BMWE President and Secretary Treasurer
  09/23/2004 RRB General Counsel
Responds to Big Lie About Railroad Retirement

09/27/2004 Teamsters Respond to UP and UTU Lies About Railroad Retirement
  09/28/2004 AFL-CIO Department Demands UTU Cease Big Lie About Railroad Retirement
09/28/2004 President Simpson Letter to Members: Vote Yes for BMWE/IBT Merger   09/29/2004 BMWE Responds to DOT Request for HAZMAT Comments
10/06/2004 IBT President Hoffa's Letter to Members: Cast Your Ballot FOR BMWE/IBT Merger
  10/15/2004 NY Times: Amtrak Pays Millions for Others' Fatal Errors
10/27/2004 BMWE Rail Union Members Overwhelmingly Approve Merger with Teamsters
  10/28/2004 BMWE: The Power to Change America; "All it Takes is Your Vote..."
11/07/2004 NY Times: For Railroads and Safety Overseer, Close Ties
  11/08/2004 Trouble On The Tracks! Discovery Times Channel Documentary
12/02/2004 NYTimes: Unions Ask Agency to Oppose Union Pacific
on Inspections

  12/20/2004 Head of FRA, facing two inquiries, Quitting
12/20/2004 Section 3 Hearings: Message from President Simpson
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