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The Rail Workers Hazardous Materials Training Program will conduct the following hazardous materials transportation/chemical emergency response training programs at the National Labor College – George Meany Campus in Silver Spring, Maryland.
The Rail Workers Hazardous Materials Training Program prides itself on delivering the most valuable worker safety training available. Peer Instructors are members of the railroad labor community and take pride in offering the latest and most up-to-date information, teaching techniques and peer support.
The US Department of Energy (DOE) has shipped large amounts and a variety of
radioactive material by rail for years. The number of rail shipments is expected to
increase in coming years. With the increase in rail shipments comes the increased risk for
rail incidents involving radioactive material.
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01/03/2002 A Rail Lover's Lifelong Dream Chugs Back to Life
  01/03/2002 Opinion: Predictions for 2002
01/03/2002 Amtrak Says Rail Safe, Can Handle Fast Speed
  01/03/2002 Railroad Industry Seeks Better Days in 2002
01/03/2002 Railroad Retirement Implementation Schedule
  01/03/2002 Railroad Retirement Info from United Healthcare
01/03/2002 Railroad Retirement Summary of Changes from RRB
  01/04/2002 Adding a Dash of Style to the Daily Shuffle
01/04/2002 He's Been Working on the Railroad
  01/04/2002 Burkes Designated Vice Chairman of STB
01/04/2002 STB Ends Formal CN-IC Oversight   01/07/2002 Talks Fail to Avert British Rail Strike
01/09/2002 Mechanics  Sue to Block Bush Panel   01/09/2002


Trains Back to Normal in Southern England
01/11/2002 Keeping the Crowds and the Complainers Moving
  01/11/2002 Rail Overhaul Would Strip Amtrak's Assets
01/11/2002 Plans Would Take Amtrak's Rails
  01/11/2002 Panel is to Propose Breaking Up Amtrak
01/14/2002 Opinion: Loss of Amtrak Would Damage Nation's Transportation Security
  01/14/2002 Highlights of Amtrak Reform Plan
01/15/2002 MN Governor Proposes Full Funding for Commuter Rail
  01/15/2002 NJ Transit  Adds Trains for Commuters
01/18/2002 Congressman  Pledges $15 Million to Cover Railroad Trench
  01/18/2002 Amtrak, Continental Enter Code-Sharing Partnership
01/22/2002 Derailment Cause Remains a Mystery
  01/22/2002 Crews Begin Removing Derailed Cars
01/22/2002 CPR Reports 12 Percent Increase
  01/22/2002 BNSF's Earnings Tumble
01/23/2002 Labor Board Rules Overnite Must 'repudiate its unlawful conduct'
  01/23/2002 Official Condemns U.K. Rail Strikes
01/23/2002 Norfolk Southern 4th Quarter Profits Climb
  01/23/2002 CP Rail Sees Tough First Half
01/23/2002 CN Steams Through 4th quarter
  01/23/2002 CN Profit Jumps in 2001
01/23/2002 Rail Revenues Dogged by Recession   01/23/2002 Rail Labor Seeks to Block Amtrak Reform Council
01/23/2002 TTD  Supports Amtrak   01/24/2002 UP 4th Quarter Profits Jump 20%
01/24/2002 CSX Worker's Vigilance Spots Potential Problems
  01/24/2002 CSX Not Hurt by Slowing Economy
01/24/2002 Questions Remain in Wake of Minot Wreck   01/24/2002 Freight Derailment Delays Metra Trains
01/25/2002 U.K. Commuters Endure More Rail Misery   01/25/2002 Teamsters' Overnite Strike Now in 27th Month
01/25/2002 GE Transportation Cutting 1,100 jobs   01/25/2002 Proposed Bill Would Limit Railroad Accident Liability
01/25/2002 Public Transportation Ridership Continues to Grow
  01/25/2002 UP Earns GM 'Mark of Excellence' Award
01/25/2002 Union Pacific to Trim Jobs   01/25/2002 CP Says 240,000 Gallons of Ammonia Spilled in Minot Derailment
01/25/2002 U.S. Mayors Support Amtrak   01/28/2002 Service Disrupted as Track Burns in San Diego
01/28/2002 Old Railroad Ties Worry Neighbors
  01/28/2002 MO Budget a Death Sentence for Amtrak
01/28/2002 Amtrak Lost $1.1 Billion, Needs More Help, Report Says
  01/28/2002 Amtrak's Financial Woes Have Worsened
01/28/2002 White House Backs Continuing Amtrak Aid   01/29/2002 Minot Spill Sparks Heightened Concern Over Olympic Safety
01/29/2002 Amtrak Appoints New Northeast Corridor Head   01/29/2002 Amtrak Service Resumes After Trestle Called Safe
01/29/2002 Amtrak Offers Commuter Rail Test Drive
  01/30/2002 NTSB to Set Cause of Rail-Truck Crash
01/31/2002 DM&E Foes Joining Forces

  01/31/2002 Opponents Say DM&E Battle Not Over
02/07/2002 Panel: Amtrak Should Be Broken Up   02/07/2002 Transportation Labor Dismisses Report of Biased Amtrak Panel
02/19/2002 McCain Proposes Abolishing Amtrak
  02/22/2002 Union Battle Looms for DM&E, I&M Rail Link Workers
02/26/2002 Transportation Unions Express Solidarity Against Raids on BLE
  02/27/2002 Central Labor Council Evicts UTU From Union Hall
02/27/2002 AFL-CIO Resolution Condemns UTU Raid
  02/28/2002 Amtrak Needs Major Change
02/28/2002 Amtrak at Risk of Shutdown
  02/28/2002 UTU on Strike  (Adobe Acrobat File)
02/28/2002 UTU Halts Strike Action at CN/IC
  03/01/2002 Steel Workers Rally to Support 40% Tariff
03/01/2002 Sweeney ‘Appalled’ at UTU Tactics
  03/05/2002 Keep Your Eyes on CSXT President
03/06/2002 Amtrak in Trouble, Via Rail in Resurgence
  03/06/2002 Amtrak President Cites Progress
03/07/2002 Analysts Working on the Railroads
  03/07/2002 Mechanic Crushed to Death at New Haven RR Yard
03/12/2002 Sen. Murray Targets Amtrak Regional Divide
  03/20/2002 Unions at CN’s Algoma Central Ratify New Agreement
03/22/2002 BLE Files Remote Control Lawsuit
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