NJ Transit  Adds Trains for Commuters

HOBOKEN, N.J. -- Since September 11th, getting a seat on a Manhattan-bound train from New Jersey has been next to impossible due to overcrowding. The reason for the overcrowding was the loss of the Path station at World Trade Center and this forced even more commuters onto the already-crowded trains. Now, NJ Transit is taking steps to the make things easier for its daily commuters, according to WABC News.

This means more seats for the more than 10,000 thousand people who now find themselves having to travel into midtown Manhattan each and everyday. New Jersey Transit has made 50 changes on routes. They have also added new trains and changed some of the stops.

The moves have been made to accommodate the increasing number of people going into Midtown since September 11th. NJ Transit has added four midtown direct trains between Summit, New Jersey and New York during the peak morning rush hour period and one more for commuters making their way home in the afternoon.

The Northeast Corridor morning peak express service has also been revised and two Northeast Corridor trains have been added along with two New Jersey coastline trains.

There are only some minor changes on the very popular, Boonton-Bergen County and Mainlines. If you need more information about all of the changes and revisions, you can check the NJ Transit website, at www.njtransit.com. Or when you come through the train stations, you can pickup a revised schedule with the changes on them.